Couple’s 1st Ice Fishing Trip

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 07-02-2020

What a great time on the hard water we had with Adrianne and Fausto! It was flag central all day long! The first one of the day resulted in a slobber knocker of a largemouth! The rest of the day consisted of bass and jumbo perch on our tip-ups. The pair also jigged up some bass on the jig sticks. We’re looking forward to having this awesome couple back for many more outdoor adventures!

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Clam’s IceArmor Gear

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The IceArmor Ascent Float Parka and Bib by Clam Outdoors made a debut today on me. The padding in the knees of the bib makes it easier on them when setting tip-ups and fighting fish. This outfit has all the luxury options, kept me toasty warm, and has a huge safety component, with its built in Motion Float Technology. #IceArmorAscentFloatParkaAndBib #ClamOutdoors #NYSLicensedGuide #FifieldOutfitters




Big Bucket Mouth

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 22-01-2020

While picking up tip-ups, this BEAST of a bucket mouth sent a flag flying high! After a quick pic, back down the hard water hole it went. #SixPounder #CatchPhotoRelease #FifieldOutfitters

Justin & John’s Hard Water Trip

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 21-01-2020

This past hunting season, John joined us for a semi-guided hunt. We were excited for his return, this time by his side was his son, Justin. The two of them wanted to take on the hard water. We already knew that John was a great guy, so it wasn’t surprising that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as Justin is the most polite, friendly, and enthusiastic young man. He was genuinely excited as each tip-up flag and Jacker went off. The men were also armed with jigging sticks.


While jigging, Justin saw a large gator head (pike) appear from the abyss, twice! Jumbo poor man shrimp (yellow perch) were headed back home for their family’s feast!


All bass were caught and released back down the holes. We look forward to their return this Spring!









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Father, Son, & Friend

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Once again, our little fishing buddy Chase, along with his father Shawn, and his friend Sean, joined us for a guided ice fishing trip. We had a mix of bait from fat heads to large shiners. Flags were going off all day long, and at one point, we had five flags all go off at once, which turned into crazy, fun, mayhem! The bass were the only species taking the bait, as a lot of them were caught and released back down the hard water holes.

Chase and Sean are becoming hard water fanatics. They’re getting skilled at drilling holes, setting tip-ups, jigging, and re-baiting. A special thanks to Shawn for keeping his son and his son’s friend interested in the great outdoors! We look forward to many more adventures with these guys! On a side note, a majestic pair of mature bald eagles flew over us while on the lake. The beauty of Mother Nature certainly surrounds us! #FishingWithFamilyAndFriends #FifieldOutfitters

Hadlock Pond Ice Fishing Derby 2020

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Fifield Outfitters’ hard water team participated in the 7th annual Town of Fort Ann Ice Fishing Derby on Hadlock Pond.

It was a fun day on the hard water with the family and we managed a big mud eater and a nice bronzeback. The fishing in general was very slow. However, there was plenty of laughs, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. The grill’s menu featured hot venison sausage and bear burgers.

We’ll see you next year, Hadlock! 🎣 #HadlockPondFishingDerby2020 #CatchPhotoRelease #FifieldOutfitters



Adventurous Anglers

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 31-12-2019

Maggie and Li-Mei were our guests for a full day ice fishing trip. This was their very first time hard water fishing. These ladies were enthusiastic, kind, and adventurous! They were interested in trying some freshly caught panfish and we were able to make this happen. One of the jumbo perch Li-Mei caught, we filleted and grilled on the ice to enjoy with their cheeseburgers and venison steaks at lunch.  They’d like to return to Washington County for more excursions with us, and we certainly look forward to that! #FifieldOutfitters

Mike’s Goose Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 23-09-2019

Our good buddy, Mike, returned to us for a goose hunt and what an exciting hunt it was! We started by putting our Avian X decoys out and hunkered two rows deep in the corn for our ambush spot. The Buck Gardner call had the birds landing literally almost in our lap! The first set of geese to touchdown were hitting the cornstalks above our heads to land next to our decoys. The smile and excitement Mike had when that happened was priceless! We had birds all morning landing in. For one goose, Mike and the Winchester connected with an awesome head shot! We look forward to our next adventure with Mike! Nice shooting bud!

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Now Offering Bowfishing

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Who loves bow hunting? Who loves fishing? Well, why not do both with us, as we’re now offering bowfishing trips! Come stick some overgrown goldfish and prehistoric toothy dinosaurs! Once you try it, you’ll be wanting to come back for more! Trips are 4 hours and $250.00 for 2 shooters. Each additional shooter is $125.00. All bows and gear provided by us! All you need to do is show up with a NYS fishing or small game license and be prepared for some heart pounding excitement! A huge thank you to Aron at EXit Archery for hooking us up with some awesome bowfishing gear!

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Tom, Jack, & Jon’s Fishing Adventure

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Father, son, and uncle, Tom, Jack, and John, for a trip on Cossayuna Lake. The morning bite on day 1 was on fire, as we landed some quality Cossayuna bucket mouths. We had a couple BIG toothy critters break us off. Day 2 was filled with BIG fish caught and released on Cossy! John landed a LUNKER SIX pound green fish! Tom caught a real nice toothy pike, a stud of a large mouth, and a quality bronzeback amongst other fish caught by these fun guys.


Jack’s just getting into fishing and what an awesome job he did putting bucket mouths in the boat! 🎣Here’s another fish that he caught and released.

What a pleasure it was to take these guys on the bass boat! Thanks for choosing us John, Tom, and Jack! We look forward to your return!

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