Another Derby “W”

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Our Fifield Outfitters’ ice team took home two of the top honors in another Smileys Bait Shop 3 day fishing derby! ūüôā Ryan Fifield won in the perch division and Roy Fifield in the pike category for March’s end of the season competition. Congratulations to all the ice fishing anglers who participated!¬†🎣¬†A special thanks to Peter Tucker for all the time, effort, and dedication that he puts into organizing these fun, outdoor, family oriented, events!¬†😀¬†We’re looking forward to next season’s ice fishing tournaments!

David & Colleen’s Ice Fishing Adventure

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It was an absolute pleasure to have Colleen and her husband, David, join us on the hardwater. The day was filled with flag after flag, but is was a bass and small pike kinda day. Dave jigged up some bass and a nice perch and Colleen jigged up some bass as well. For breakfast, we cooked up eggs and bacon and also enjoyed glazed donuts. At lunch time we fired the grill up for one of our fan favorites, venison, bear, bacon cheeseburgers with potato chips. For dessert, was Colleen’s delicious chocolate chip cookie bars.¬†🍪¬†😋¬†We shared stories and laughs throughout the day. A huge thank you to little brother Chris for helping out!¬†We look forward to getting this awesome couple out on the bass boat when open water comes!¬†🎣#GuidedIceFishingAdventure¬†#AwesomeCouple¬†#NYSLicensedGuide#FifieldOutfitters

Father & Son’s Hardwater Adventure

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Shawn is a Navy veteran and dedicated father who booked an ice fishing adventure for his son Chase and him. Chase’s two favorite fish to target are pike and perch, so we strung tip-ups for poor man’s shrimp and big toothy critters. Before we could get half of our tip-ups set-up, the flags started popping like popcorn! Chase was pulling little pike and bass out of the holes left and right! After everything was set-up, I fired the grill up for some bacon and egg sandwiches.¬†Around late morning, one of the perch flags went up and Chase pulled up a huge jumbo and it was his biggest perch caught to date! A little bit later on, I looked over and one of our toothy critter flags had tripped and was taking line like a drag car running the quarter mile. When we got to the flag, it had stripped all the line down to the knot. Chase, like a seasoned veteran, fought this epic water wolf back to the hole. Just as it reached the hole, bubbles started rising from below and the next thing we knew, this big ‘ol gator head was heading up the ice tube! As soon as I got my hands on him, he was ours and the smile on Chase’s face was priceless! This northern was then released to fight another day. Afterwards, I fired the grill up again for some venison bacon cheeseburgers.¬†😋¬†We had a fun filled day with lots of fish caught, beautiful weather, and memories made to last a lifetime! We look forward to seeing these guys on the bass boat come open water.¬†


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Derby Winning Pike

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This 40″ bruiser helped us take home first place honors in the 3 day tournament held by¬†Smileys Bait Shop, located on Cossayuna Lake. Thank you, Peter, for putting on these awesome tournaments!¬†💲🐟¬†#FifieldOutfitters











Tiger Muskie Up The Hole

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Fifield Outfitters’ flags were flying high on the hardwater today! It was awesome to see Chris pull this tiger muskie out of the hole on Cossayuna Lake!¬†The ice is here, the toothy critters are biting, time to get that trip booked with us.¬†😎¬†🎣

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I Love NY

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Last ice fishing season, we were selected as a business to be featured in an advertising campaign for this winter season for the #GreatWesternCatskills. Here’s the end product! Safe ice will be here VERY soon, so get booking that hardwater adventure with us! What a perfect gift for a loved one and/or you! A special thanks to @Great Western Catskills of Delaware County¬†for selecting us to film last season!¬†🎄¬†🎁¬†🎣¬†#ThankfulAndBlessed #WeTakeGuestsFishingAllOverNYS #BookYourIceFishingTrip #PerfectChristmasGift #GiftCertificatesAvailable #FifieldOutfitters

Chris & Bill’s Bow Hunt

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Nephew and uncle, Chris and Bill, joined us for a two day bear and buck hunt. The last day, Bill saw a good shooter buck, but it never came close enough to present him a shot. We look forward to having these guys in camp again to seal the deal. Chris, thank you for your service!¬† 🇺🇸¬†#BowHunt #FifieldOutfitters


Colleen’s Bow Hunt

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It was great having Colleen join us to pursue some big game in the Catskill Mountains. She is definitely the definition of a true outdoors woman. Her experience, knowledge, and respect for the sport is top-notch. She certainly put her time in, as she sat all day long for three straight days. The weather conditions weren’t ideal and with the October lull happening, the animals weren’t moving a lot. However, on her afternoon hunt on the last day, she ended up seeing a bruiser buck cruising. Unfortunately, he was 100 yards away and never ended up coming down her trail. We’d like to thank Colleen for all the time she volunteers to help new hunters get into the sport. She instructs Hunter Education courses and works with a program called,¬†Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in New York¬†(BOW.) Any interested ladies, please check this awesome BOW program out. Colleen, we’re looking forward to getting on the hard water with you in a few months!¬†#BowHunt¬†#FifieldOutfitters

Brandon Connects on 1st Buck

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Brandon was our very first hunting client in 2015, returning each year since. We’re thrilled to share that early this morning, he sealed the deal on harvesting his first buck! We’re blessed to have been a part of this milestone. All of his dedication to the sport of bowhunting paid off. With one precise shot, the five pointer only went five yards for a quick, clean, kill. #FirstBuck #FivePointer #ProudOfBrandon #GoodThingsHappenToGoodPeople #FifieldOutfitters

Opening Day Bear

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I was lucky enough to harvest a black bear on the Opening Day of Southern Zone’s archery season. The bear came in at a little after 7 a.m. It was 20 yards out and I put a Veteran Broadhead through both of her lungs. She only went 30 yards. Her beautiful coat is going to become a nice rug. For anyone who hasn’t tried bear meat, to us it tastes just like beef. #FifieldOutfitters