Youngster Connects On Opening Day

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We were honored to be a part of a family hunting trip for guests Bob, his two sons, Ricky and Matt, and Ricky’s sons, Corbin and Logan. The Southern Zone’s opening of rifle season brought 14 year old Logan his first ever deer harvest, a buck!  Junior hunters are allowed to harvest any buck with a three inch horn or bigger. Ricky got to see his son take down his first ever whitetail with one clean shot from his 25-06. Outstanding job, Logan!  Fifield Outfitters is making memories happen one shot or cast at a time. This first-class group of camo renegades are taking home fond memories to last them a lifetime.

Chris’ First Buck

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Buck down!  Congratulations to returning client, Chris, on his first ever deer kill! This unique five pointer is going to make a nice European Mount. The top photograph is Chris on the left with his brother Greg. His buddy Brian is in the second photo with them both. I’m not sure who was more excited, Chris on harvesting his first buck, or his brother Greg, on Chris getting his first deer. Greg and Brian are hitting the woods in the morning in hopes that the shooter bucks they saw tonight will be back. Awesome job, Chris! #FifieldOutfitters















Brandon & Brett’s Hunts

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What a pleasure it was this past weekend to have Brandon and Brett archery hunting with us. Brandon has hunted with us every year that we’ve been in business and we’re truly blessed with his loyalty and friendship. He had a shooter buck at twenty yards, but when he drew back, he had six more eyes looking at him that alerted Mr. Buck that trouble was near. They all took off and later the does came back by minus their guy. New customer, Brett, and his wife, Daniele, joined us at the lodge for the first time. The tree stand that Brett was in the first day had a fisher cat visit. The second day, a flock of jakes and hens showed up along with a bunch of does. Unfortunately, turkey season had closed, those birds were lucky this time. We look forward to Brandon’s hunt this coming weekend and hooking up with Brett and his wife for some ice fishing and spring turkey hunting! #BuckHornLodge #FifieldOutfitters

Greg Bags a Bear

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Bear down! Congratulations goes out to Greg for harvesting his first bear ever! We’ll call this bruin, Patches, as you can observe from the photos, the white patch on his chest. He did this while hunting with Fifield Outfitters on the Buck-Horn Lodge’s property in East Branch, NY. We’re thrilled to help him get it done! We love having Greg at camp. Onward we roll in pursuit of more harvests this season with those hunting with us. Awesome job, brother! 🙂 

Jon’s Bear Encounter

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What a talented writer our returning client Jon is! Below, his descriptive narrative paints a vivid picture of his exciting hunt here this past weekend. We were lucky to get an action packed trail cam shot of Jon, during this exciting archery hunt. He’s in one of our tree stands, with a BIG bruiser in the foreground, 20 yards away from him! In Jon’s words, here’s what you’re looking at.

“The bear actually stopped in front of the trail camera. This black blob is his back and in the background, you can see part of me getting into position.”

Jon continues to describe his Catskills’ black bear encounter during his Fifield Outfitters’ semi-guided bow hunt below.

“Today was my second time hunting alone & 3rd time ever. I was not expecting, nor was I prepared for a close encounter with a black bear. This gargantuan, lumbering mass silently sauntered over to a tree that was, unbeknownst to me at the time, 20yrds away. I have never before encountered bear in the wild. As large as he was (approx 300lbs), he was almost entirely silent. As he took pause, I began to hastily act and in doing so, I made a rookie mistake: I misjudged my distance by 10yrds.

I carefully and quietly reached for my quiver for a second arrow while he was distracted by the sound the other arrow made on impact. I also think the prior arrow gave him a scent because in a flash, he rapidly surged away from the arrow’s resting place TO me. He was 3-4 yards to my side, and below the elevated stand. I could hear his deep guttural breathing, I could see mangled tufts of thick, ink black fur on his back and all I could do was pause.

I never thought this would happen. Bears are apparently masters at avoiding people in this area, and I came to hunt deer or turkey and that is where my bubble of naivety ruptured; this bear doesn’t give a damn. He’s doing his thing and just because I thought, “Hey, I’m either hunting deer or turkey today so I shouldn’t be worried about bears.” Doesn’t mean the beast disappears; he lives on regardless. I did choose to take a shot because their meat is apparently amazing, especially from here but I missed; my arrow has his hair on it.

Once he got next to my stand, I froze. He locked eyes with me, and of course I realized that I’d have no choice but to surrender should he have decided to climb up.

Thankfully, after our staredown, he just moved on. Seeming no longer phased, he blocked himself off from full view behind several trees and moved up the mountain. It was surreal.

I have a fear of bears; they are capable tearing any human that ever lived to bits in seconds. And to me, any beast that can do that serves as the fuel for nightmares. After he walked off, I actually started to shiver from some strange, post encounter adrenaline dump. Never felt that way before.” We look froward to Jonathan’s return, as it’s always a pleasure having him in camp!

Except for the trail cam pic, all the other beautiful photos, including one of the Buck-Horn Lodge’s cabins, are courtesy of Jonathan.





















Don’s Bear Hunt

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It was great having Don hunting with us opening weekend of bow. He’s an avid gun hunter and is making a move to do some bow hunting. His target species was bear and on the first day just before night fall, he could hear one on the other side of the thicket from our stand. On day number two, things got real interesting, when he saw not one, not two, but three different lone bears! The one bear came up behind our trail camera and was sniffing it, but it never presented a shot opportunity.  The last bear came right in at ten yards away, and when Don drew back, the bear heard his string hit his vest and did a one-eighty and bolted down the hill. When I picked Don up from the stand his last night, he was like a kid in a candy store after seeing all three bears. He kept saying how beautiful they were and was amazed at seeing them in the wild on his first ever bear and bow hunt. All in all, it was a successful hunt, as the bears got within range for his bow.  However, as every bow hunter out there has had similar things happen to them, sometimes it just doesn’t all come together. Don is pumped up from this hunting adventure and says he’ll be back soon. We’re looking forward to his return! 🏹  🐻

‘Dead Eye’ Daemon

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What a blast it was getting Daemon all dialed in! As you can tell from the photo of the bear target and video from his last bow lesson, he’s more than ready to get in the tree stand and put a broadhead right through an animal’s ticker.

Good luck to you buddy, it was a pleasure working with you!  #BowLessons #FastLearner #DeadEye #FifieldOutfitters

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Friends Had a Blast On Champlain

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Fifield Outfitters had the pleasure of welcoming guests, Heath and his buddy, Tim, for a guided bass boat fishing trip on Lake Champlain.
The bucket mouths were feeding, as Tim and Heath caught and released some quality ones.
Tim had a monster northern pike crest out of the water, as it attempted to strike his lure, but dove over it. It was so enormous, that it looked like a gator coming out of the water!   What an experience that was! A couple minutes later, Heath had a similar event happen to him with a pike a tad smaller. Some toothy critters were on their lines for a few seconds, but their violent head shakes got them off. While out on the boat, Tim spotted Champ twice. I will vouch for him that he saw the Lake Champlain monster and his name will be going up on the Port Henry Champ Sightings’ sign.  
What a great duo these guys are to take fishing. There was definitely no shortage of laughter on the boat. We’re looking forward to fishing with them again next May. If you’re in the Binghamton, NY area, check out Chroma Cafe & Bakery located on 97 Court St. Heath and his lovely wife, Nancy, own and operate this scrumptious eatery. They have some of the best homemade treats that you’ll ever sink your teeth into!    Two of our favorites are their cream puffs and scones!
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June & July Trail Cam Videos of Bears

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Honoring Dad

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We took my father-in-law, Ron Lewis, on an early Father’s Day float trip down the East Branch. The trout were biting, as we caught and released some native browns.  We appreciate all that our dads have instilled in us and sacrificed for us. ❤️ Wishing all the fathers on earth and in heaven, a Happy Father’s Day weekend! #HappyFathersDay #ThankYouDad #DriftBoatTrip #GreatWesternCatskills #FifieldOutfitters