3rd Place Win

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fifield News | Posted on 16-08-2020

Congratulations to Nick Bromirski and Ryan for placing 3rd out of 35 boats in last night’s Saratoga Tackle Tuesday Night Bass Challenge on Saratoga Lake! 💰🐟 This was Ryan’s 1st time this season participating in a tournament, safe to say this duo turned some heads. 😎 Way to go, Nick and Ry! 😁

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Why hire us to go fishing?

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Why hire us? Our fishing operation is versatile, where we are able to target any species of fish in a lake or river. We have the equipment, gear, tackle, and are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsible. We take pride in showing our clients a fun time, treating each trip like we are the paying customers. It’s not just what’s caught, but the skills gained, memories made, comradery shared, and friendships formed. These are some of the reasons why our clients return year after year. 🎣

Pole Thief

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 06-08-2020

John and Justin joined us once again for a trip to remember! Mother Nature tried throwing us a curve ball, with 20 mph winds, but we smashed it out of the park! ⚾️ The cats were hungry and ready to play! There’s a really unbelievable story behind Justin’s big catch. I was helping Justin get his pole untangled, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the poles go flying overboard. As the remaining bit of it headed into the water, I dived towards it. I managed to slightly get my fingertips on it, but it still slipped away. 🤦‍♂ Just like the movie, Jaws, we watched the pole go away from us and into the deep, dark, abyss. I tried casting and retrieving a weighted hook on the lake’s floor for roughly 15 minutes, with no luck. 🤷‍♂ I rigged another pole up with a minnow and casted it out to go back fishing. After a few minutes, that pole started to go tight. I grabbed it, set the hook, and took a few turns on the reel before I handed it to Justin. To my utter disbelief, I saw the pole that went overboard start to slowly appear, as I had hooked it! 😳🤣 I handed Justin the pole and grabbed the other pole that went overboard. I said to Justin, “Holy sh*t, the fish is still on it! 🧐😂 Take this rod and get this pole thief in the boat!” The thief ended up being a nice 10-pound cat, Justin’s PB! 😻😎🥳 The pole thief got sentenced to their deep fryer! 🤣

And, if that was not enough, we observed that day a colossal PAIR of golden eagles perched in the trees near our boat and a majestic bald eagle soaring above. 🦅 What an exciting day of fishing it was for us on Lake Champlain! 🎣 This is what makes my job the best in the world! 🌎 This father and son team caught and brought home three catfish for their family to sink their teeth into. 🤤😋🏆 We look forward to their return! Great job, guys!


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John & Justin’s PB Day

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 22-07-2020

John and Justin, returned to experience a bass boat fishing trip with us. The day didn’t disappoint, as John caught his personal best smallie, and Justin caught the lunker and his PB large mouth! The bass bite was on fire all day.
We also caught three good sized bullheads, the largest ended up being too snappy for a photo opt, but we’re sure it will taste delish! 😋 😂 We take pleasure in providing outdoor adventures where experiences are exciting, memories are made, and laughter is bountiful. Thank you to a wonderful father and son team, for entrusting in us again to provide you with another trip to enjoy together. It’s always an absolute honor guiding you! 😀 #FatherAndSonFishingTrip #FishingFamily #OutdoorMemories #WashingtonCountyNYFun #NYSLicensedGuide #FifieldOutfitters

25th Anniversary Fishing Trip

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We very much appreciate Nancy and Chris, from Salem, NY, for supporting our local business! For their 25th wedding anniversary, they booked a fishing charter with us on Lake Champlain, in South Bay.

Both of them caught catfish to cook up. Nancy hooked into a lunker freshwater drum, which as drum do, put up one heck of a fight! She did outstanding getting it into the boat! They steamed the sheepshead and dipped it in butter and said it tasted just like lobster! Yum!

Nancy also set the hook on a 41″ longnose gar. It was no match for her, as she finessed this toothy dinosaur right into the Clam Fortis net!

Chris caught a couple of bronzebacks and they both hooked into white perch.

It’s always awesome to see couples enjoying the great outdoors together. P.S., the competition was fierce on the boat. 😁 We look forward to their next charter with us! 🎣

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Freshwater Drum (Sheepshead)

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports | Posted on 18-07-2020

Looking for a challenge? They’re fun to catch, put up one heck of a fight, and some are hefty! If you don’t try, you won’t catch! Ryan has been putting us on fish every adventure, book a trip for a chance to catch yours! 🐟 😁

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New Logo Apparel

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🚨COMING SOON New Logo Apparel!🚨




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Pike Feeding Frenzy

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Dad Fifield, Vietnam veteran, was with us in Spirit on Lake Champlain this Memorial Day. Those who knew him, knew he had quite the sense of humor. Alicia caught and released her personal best today, a 38 inch pike, Ryan’s came in the boat right after hers at 37 inches. Close Ry, but no cigar. Wishing you all a happy and blessed Memorial Day! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do, if it wasn’t for the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. #MonsterPike #LakeChamplain #MemorialDay2020 #AmericanHeroes #GoodBlessAmerica #ClamOutdoorsFortisNets #BassBoat #NYSLicensedGuide #FifieldOutfitters


Covid19 During Spring Turkey Season

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 05-05-2020

The turkey hunting in our region of NYS has been good thus far, but we’ve only been able to go ourselves. We had to cancel all our guided Spring turkey hunts as well as fishing trips. Guiding businesses are deemed to be not essential businesses in NYS.

You can see that these ‘ol boys weren’t practicing social distancing, so they had to be removed from the flocks. It was a great start for us and a quick finish for Greg Fifield this year. He was out two days in a row and done. #AllTaggedOut #SpringTurkeySeason2020 #OrganicMeat #Covid19 #NYSGuidingBusinessesAreClosedForNow #FifieldOutfitters



Bachelor Party on Ice

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Saturday, we had a bachelor party join us on the ice to give their buddy, Mike, the groom, an ice fishing send off into marriage! This group traveled to Salem, NY, from all over the country, as far as Los Angeles, California, to celebrate with their beloved friend. Flags were flying with perch, bass, and pike coming out of the hard water holes! Although the big boys didn’t come up for a photo opt, it was a fun and exciting time when each flag popped up. You never know what’s lurking below!

Once again, our ice fishing grill menu was a HIT! The grill featured hot venison sausage, maple venison sausage, marinated venison back straps, bear steaks, and hot diggity dogs, not to mention all the snacks and drinks to go along with it.

What an absolute pleasure it was working with Steve, who booked and organized this trip. Thank you, Steve!

We also want to thank our brother, Greg Fifield, who was here at 4 a.m. to help us get everything that this entailed ready to roll for the group’s arrival on the ice. He worked with us into the evening hours! Also, a thank you to little bro, Chris Fifield, for pitching in with a helping hand throughout the day. We couldn’t have done it without you two! We want to congratulate Mike, and his future wife, on their upcoming nuptials! #BachelorParty #IceFishingSendOff #Groom #NYSLicensedGuide #ILoveNY #WashingtonCountyNY #FifieldOutfitters