I Love NY

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Last ice fishing season, we were selected as a business to be featured in an advertising campaign for this winter season for the #GreatWesternCatskills. Here’s the end product! Safe ice will be here VERY soon, so get booking that hardwater adventure with us! What a perfect gift for a loved one and/or you! A special thanks to @Great Western Catskills of Delaware County for selecting us to film last season! 🎄 🎁 🎣 #ThankfulAndBlessed #WeTakeGuestsFishingAllOverNYS #BookYourIceFishingTrip #PerfectChristmasGift #GiftCertificatesAvailable #FifieldOutfitters

Chris & Bill’s Bow Hunt

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Nephew and uncle, Chris and Bill, joined us for a two day bear and buck hunt. The last day, Bill saw a good shooter buck, but it never came close enough to present him a shot. We look forward to having these guys in camp again to seal the deal. Chris, thank you for your service!  🇺🇸 #BowHunt #FifieldOutfitters


Colleen’s Bow Hunt

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It was great having Colleen join us to pursue some big game in the Catskill Mountains. She is definitely the definition of a true outdoors woman. Her experience, knowledge, and respect for the sport is top-notch. She certainly put her time in, as she sat all day long for three straight days. The weather conditions weren’t ideal and with the October lull happening, the animals weren’t moving a lot. However, on her afternoon hunt on the last day, she ended up seeing a bruiser buck cruising. Unfortunately, he was 100 yards away and never ended up coming down her trail. We’d like to thank Colleen for all the time she volunteers to help new hunters get into the sport. She instructs Hunter Education courses and works with a program called, Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in New York (BOW.) Any interested ladies, please check this awesome BOW program out. Colleen, we’re looking forward to getting on the hard water with you in a few months! #BowHunt #FifieldOutfitters

Brandon Connects on 1st Buck

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Brandon was our very first hunting client in 2015, returning each year since. We’re thrilled to share that early this morning, he sealed the deal on harvesting his first buck! We’re blessed to have been a part of this milestone. All of his dedication to the sport of bowhunting paid off. With one precise shot, the five pointer only went five yards for a quick, clean, kill. #FirstBuck #FivePointer #ProudOfBrandon #GoodThingsHappenToGoodPeople #FifieldOutfitters

Opening Day Bear

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I was lucky enough to harvest a black bear on the Opening Day of Southern Zone’s archery season. The bear came in at a little after 7 a.m. It was 20 yards out and I put a Veteran Broadhead through both of her lungs. She only went 30 yards. Her beautiful coat is going to become a nice rug. For anyone who hasn’t tried bear meat, to us it tastes just like beef. #FifieldOutfitters

Jimmy, A True Legend, RIP

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It’s with extremely heavy hearts, that yet again, we express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of another dear friend and client, Jimmy, who tragically passed away. Jimmy had a passion for fishing and hunting and excelled in these areas. I was awestruck by his fly fishing skills, to be so talented at his young age, made me thoroughly impressed. He out foxed tons of fish, including the trout pictured below that he caught and released.The big game weren’t safe when he was around. This past hunting season, Jimmy harvested a beautiful black bear at the Buck-Horn Lodge and in the 2016 hunting season here, he harvested a great 8 pointer. Jimmy got my sense of humor and he had one of the best of his own. He was kind, adventurous, and had a zest for life. I always looked forward to him stopping by with his buddy, Jake, when they were in town to catch up. I’m really going to miss that. On behalf of Ron, Carolyn, Scott, Meghan, Will, Greg, and Alicia, I send heartfelt condolences to Jim Sr. and the rest of Jimmy’s loved ones. I love you brother.    


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Mel, Friend, Rest in Peace

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We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of long time Buck-Horn Lodge customer and friend, Mel Sherman. This past November marked Mel’s 50th hunting season at the lodge and this photo was taken with my mother-in-law, Carolyn, marking this anniversary. He was an avid hunter who harvested numerous big game throughout the years on the property. Family and friends came with him over the years and he made friends with others that frequented the lodge, too. Mel enjoyed Iris’s homemade soups, applesauce, entrees, and pies. He was just reminiscing about them with Carolyn and Alicia this past season. Back in the day, Alicia took pride in making special requested peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for him, which were enclosed in brown bags that she decorated specially for him. Mel is now posting up by a tree in God’s country.​ On behalf of Ron & Carolyn Lewis, Scott, Meghan, & Will Lewis, and Alicia and me, we send our deepest sympathy to his family. He will be greatly missed.

Mike & Rob’s Bass Boat Fishing Trip

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What a day to be on the bass boat! White Lake was full of action as the bucket mouths, pickerel, bluegills, and perch all came out to play. Mike and Rob kept the laughter flowing as these long time buddies sure know how to razz each other. These guys were a blast to guide and we look forward to their return!   ️ #FishingFriday #GreatStartToAWeekend #WeCatchThemAll #GreatWesternCatskills #BuckHornLodge #FifieldOutfitters

Jimmy & Jake Catch Bows

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We were going to venture to the West Branch, but after hearing it was a zoo, we decided to roll on down and float the Main Stem. Jimmy and Jake had some feisty rainbows come out to play. We had action from start to finish. On one stretch of the river, Jimmy wanted to be the guide, so I let him helm the ship. Jake photographed two majestic, mature, bald eagles, that were scouting for fish in a tree at the river’s bank as we passed by. We had a great float and I can’t wait for these guys to get back in our boat. #RainbowTrout #FlyFishing #CatchPhotoRelease #ScenicWildDelawareRiver #FifieldOutfitters

Ed’s Main Stem Drift

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Ed joined us for a float trip on the Main Stem of the Upper Delaware River on Saturday, June 2nd. We hooked into two browns, one we had almost to the boat, when it rolled and threw the hook. My stomach turned when this big hook jaw came off. The other one he had on, we never got a good look at it. All and all, it was a great time, with great conversation, with a great person. We look forward to Ed’s next adventure with us!   #ScenicWildDelawareRiver #CatskillsTroutTales #DriftBoatFishingTrip #NYSLicensedGuide #FifieldOutfitters