Uncle & Nephew’s Turkey Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 19-05-2019

Cole and his uncle, Jim, joined us for a turkey hunt that they will never forget! It was filled with a lot of firsts. The turkeys were very vocal Saturday morning. We had multiple birds working towards us, but the hens kept cutting them off before they’d get to us. With this happening, we changed our plan and went after them. The first stalk we got within 20 yards of a Tom all fanned out. This was Cole’s first time being within range of a big Tom. Unfortunately, his shot didn‘t connect on the big thunder chicken, as he was full of excitement. Soon after the shot, we heard more birds gobble and we beelined it towards them. When we reached the edge of the field, the only way to get close to them was to do an Army Crawl for 200 yards through the tall grass. We snuck up to within 20 yards of three red heads and they didn’t have a clue that we were there. I told Cole, “When I yelp, they’re going to pop their heads up and when they do, fire away!” He gave one out of three of them a hair cut, as he just shot over its head. A successful hunt isn’t about harvesting an animal, it’s about being in the outdoors with family and friends carrying out the hunting tradition. At the end of the hunt, Cole and Jim kept saying that the Army Crawl was their favorite thing, because they never hunted turkeys like that before. We’re looking forward to having these dedicated hunters back next April for Youth Turkey. 😁🦃#UncleAndNephewTurkeyHunt #HuntingTradition #FifieldOutfitters

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