Covid19 During Spring Turkey Season

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 05-05-2020

The turkey hunting in our region of NYS has been good thus far, but we’ve only been able to go ourselves. We had to cancel all our guided Spring turkey hunts as well as fishing trips. Guiding businesses are deemed to be not essential businesses in NYS.

You can see that these ‘ol boys weren’t practicing social distancing, so they had to be removed from the flocks. It was a great start for us and a quick finish for Greg Fifield this year. He was out two days in a row and done. #AllTaggedOut #SpringTurkeySeason2020 #OrganicMeat #Covid19 #NYSGuidingBusinessesAreClosedForNow #FifieldOutfitters



Mike’s Goose Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 23-09-2019

Our good buddy, Mike, returned to us for a goose hunt and what an exciting hunt it was! We started by putting our Avian X decoys out and hunkered two rows deep in the corn for our ambush spot. The Buck Gardner call had the birds landing literally almost in our lap! The first set of geese to touchdown were hitting the cornstalks above our heads to land next to our decoys. The smile and excitement Mike had when that happened was priceless! We had birds all morning landing in. For one goose, Mike and the Winchester connected with an awesome head shot! We look forward to our next adventure with Mike! Nice shooting bud!

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Uncle & Nephew’s Turkey Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 19-05-2019

Cole and his uncle, Jim, joined us for a turkey hunt that they will never forget! It was filled with a lot of firsts. The turkeys were very vocal Saturday morning. We had multiple birds working towards us, but the hens kept cutting them off before they’d get to us. With this happening, we changed our plan and went after them. The first stalk we got within 20 yards of a Tom all fanned out. This was Cole’s first time being within range of a big Tom. Unfortunately, his shot didn‘t connect on the big thunder chicken, as he was full of excitement. Soon after the shot, we heard more birds gobble and we beelined it towards them. When we reached the edge of the field, the only way to get close to them was to do an Army Crawl for 200 yards through the tall grass. We snuck up to within 20 yards of three red heads and they didn’t have a clue that we were there. I told Cole, “When I yelp, they’re going to pop their heads up and when they do, fire away!” He gave one out of three of them a hair cut, as he just shot over its head. A successful hunt isn’t about harvesting an animal, it’s about being in the outdoors with family and friends carrying out the hunting tradition. At the end of the hunt, Cole and Jim kept saying that the Army Crawl was their favorite thing, because they never hunted turkeys like that before. We’re looking forward to having these dedicated hunters back next April for Youth Turkey. 😁🦃#UncleAndNephewTurkeyHunt #HuntingTradition #FifieldOutfitters

Chris & Bill’s Bow Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 24-10-2018

Nephew and uncle, Chris and Bill, joined us for a two day bear and buck hunt. The last day, Bill saw a good shooter buck, but it never came close enough to present him a shot. We look forward to having these guys in camp again to seal the deal. Chris, thank you for your service!  🇺🇸 #BowHunt #FifieldOutfitters


Colleen’s Bow Hunt

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 22-10-2018


It was great having Colleen join us to pursue some big game in the Catskill Mountains. She is definitely the definition of a true outdoors woman. Her experience, knowledge, and respect for the sport is top-notch. She certainly put her time in, as she sat all day long for three straight days. The weather conditions weren’t ideal and with the October lull happening, the animals weren’t moving a lot. However, on her afternoon hunt on the last day, she ended up seeing a bruiser buck cruising. Unfortunately, he was 100 yards away and never ended up coming down her trail. We’d like to thank Colleen for all the time she volunteers to help new hunters get into the sport. She instructs Hunter Education courses and works with a program called, Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in New York (BOW.) Any interested ladies, please check this awesome BOW program out. Colleen, we’re looking forward to getting on the hard water with you in a few months! #BowHunt #FifieldOutfitters

Brandon Connects on 1st Buck

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 20-10-2018

Brandon was our very first hunting client in 2015, returning each year since. We’re thrilled to share that early this morning, he sealed the deal on harvesting his first buck! We’re blessed to have been a part of this milestone. All of his dedication to the sport of bowhunting paid off. With one precise shot, the five pointer only went five yards for a quick, clean, kill. #FirstBuck #FivePointer #ProudOfBrandon #GoodThingsHappenToGoodPeople #FifieldOutfitters

Opening Day Bear

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 01-10-2018

I was lucky enough to harvest a black bear on the Opening Day of Southern Zone’s archery season. The bear came in at a little after 7 a.m. It was 20 yards out and I put a Veteran Broadhead through both of her lungs. She only went 30 yards. Her beautiful coat is going to become a nice rug. For anyone who hasn’t tried bear meat, to us it tastes just like beef. #FifieldOutfitters

Chasin’ Turkeys & Catchin’ Trout

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports, Hunting Reports | Posted on 14-05-2018

​Evan joined us for a Blast & Cast trip. Saturday morning we had three birds gobbling, but for some reason they hung up at about 150 yards away. The hens were around us for hours. We had a hoot in the afternoon floating down the river. I brought my mouth turkey call and put that into action, as we greeted fellow anglers with hen yelps and soft purrs.  The rain didn’t stop the fish from biting, as we landed three nice browns, lost one rainbow, and a couple of other fish. A bunch of trout chased us back to the boat, too. Notice the bald eagle checking out Evan’s catch in the third photo.    Evan is a very established sportsman, who has traveled the world on hunting adventures. He’s targeted almost every big and small game animal on the planet and has been extremely successful on these hunts. However, he told me that there’s something about turkey hunting that gets him all fired up. He’ll be back with us to get his NY bird. We’re looking forward to his return!    #BlastAndCast #CatchPhotoRelease #BuckHornLodge #FifieldOutfitters

Gilles & Hubert Take on Blast & Cast Package

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Fishing Reports, Hunting Reports | Posted on 02-05-2018

Father and son, Gilles and Hubert, traveled all the way from Canada to the western Catskills for an outdoors excursion with Fifield Outfitters. This adventurous pair took on our Blast & Cast Package today and will do it again tomorrow. They’re turkey hunting in the mornings and drift boat spin cast fishing in the afternoons. What a beautiful day it was in Delaware County, NY for them! Gilles topped it off by landing a nice brown trout on the mighty East Branch!   

Right Place, Right Time

Posted by Ryan Fifield | Posted in Hunting Reports | Posted on 16-12-2017

I decided when I had a bit of a break, that I would go out and sit during rifle season. The spot chosen was heavy with bear activity and little deer movement according to the trail cam located there. Hoping for an encounter with a rug steak, what happened was not what was expected. About 45 minutes after it got light, rifle shots from a neighboring property were heard. After the 4th shot, a doe came screaming by and I gave her a quick bleat which brought her to a screeching halt. She looked around and calmed down. I thought the shots I heard must be the shooter got the buck chasing her or perhaps another doe. Meanwhile, she hung out walking around for a minute or so. All of a sudden deep grunting sounds were heading towards me. By the grunts being produced, it was clear that this was not a young deer. Our eyes connected at the same time and he was undecided if he should pursue the hot doe or sneak around me. Noticing his antlers, I knew this was a buck that has never been on any of our trail cams. I raised my rifle up and waited for Mr. Buck to take another step so a 180 Grain Nosler AccuBond could be sent through his boiler room. What seemed like forever, was only seconds in the making. As he stepped, I squeezed and watched the impact. In one shot the buck went down and I headed out of the stand to check him out. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I thanked God for blessing me with such a beautiful animal to harvest.